GEMMASTA GF4 Faceting Machine



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Approximate weight, 20 kg


Precision machined, compact aluminium base for strength, accuracy and stability.Base size 50cm x 31cm x 7.5cm

Precisely adjustable and gives finger-tip control.Every operation can be performed with maximum ease and efficiency.

Machine Post is chromed steel and is offset in base.

Micrometer fine height adjustment, mounted on the post, has 25mm travel and graduated in 1/100th millimeter.

Protractor is graduated in degrees, with a degree splitter to attain 1/10th of a degree.

Spring loaded trigger locks index wheel without any side movement.The cheater is operated by a knurled screw and has east to read graduations in 1/10mm.

The arm does not pivot on the post but on two angular contact bearings, which are adjustable for play.

The handpiece dop arm pivots on two opposed angular contact bearings, which are adjustable for play.

Handpiece (Chuck) can be removed without disturbing the alignment of the stone.

Master lap spindle is stainless steel and is fitted with two sealed bearings for rigidity and smooth operation.

Supplied with;

96 Index Wheel.

Set of Dop Sticks and 45o Dop.

Transfer Block.

Spanner for Quill.

Splash Deflector, to use when pan gate is open.

Water bottle with tap to control water flow.

GF4 Elementary Faceting Instructions.